Call for papers

Authors Participation

With or without effective presentation of communication. Proposals ("virtual communications") of texts are accepted, which may, after the review process, be published in the conference proceedings, even without effective communication.

Submission and Presentation Rules

  • Deadlines

    Paper Submission: until September 4th, 2020

    Review results announced: until September 20th, 2020

  • Maximum papers per author
    • You can submit a maximum of TWO proposals as the first author.
    • You can submit only TWO proposals as a presenter.

    For each communication there should be at least one of the authors.

    Just the author that is registered can present.

    Presentations made by more than one person, request the registration of each author that wants to present.

    Co-authors that will not be presenting just need the registration if they want to attend the conference.

  • Languages

    Abstracts and subsequent texts may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French

    note: there will be no simultaneous translation of the conference.

  • Rules

    Formatting is automatically done by the submission platform.

    All fields must be completed.

    Abstract cannot exceed 300 words.

    You must enter 4 keywords

  • Presentation

    Presentation time: 10-15 minutes

    Information on presentation templates and maximum number of slides - available soon.

    The accepted communications, may or not have the actual communication. The submitted proposals can be, after reviewed, published in the conference minutes, even without the actual communication.

    In case you prefer not to present the communication, please send us that information to, with the following information:


    Abstract reference

    Name of the 1st author

  • Information on publication

    Final text - online submission until January 4th, 2021

    The texts resulting from the approved papers will be published in electronic form with DOI, after being reviewed and formatted.

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