Perguntas frequentes

  • 1. How can I make my registration?

    In order for you to register for the congress you need to create an user account in the website, where the whole process and information regarding the status of your register will be.

    To create an user account you must enter the congress’ website and select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the page.

    Select option: “Create new account” and fill all the fields with your personal data. An email will be sent you, for you to confirm and activate your new account – check you inbox and if you haven’t received any emails, please check your spam.

    Click on the link that was sent to you in that email in order to validate your account.

    From there on you can do you LOGIN using your information: Email + password.

    ATTENTION: The creation of an account does not mean you are registered for the congress!

    To go forward with your registration for the congress, you must enter your personal area of the website with your LOGIN data and select the tab “Registrations”.

    Follow the instructions given by the platform. The registration will be complete when you complete the payment. If you still have any doubts, please contact us via email: suporte@eventqualia.net.

  • 1.1. What are the prices and the deadlines for registration?

    The prices for registration can be seen here

  • 2. I am an co-author of an abstract. Do I have to do a registration to be present during the presentation?

    Yes. Even though the congress doesn’t demand registration of all the authors and/or co-authors of the abstract, it is only necessary that one registers in order for the abstract to be apt for revision, the presence in the congress requires a registration.

  • 3. What should I know about payments?

    The available payment method is by credit or debit card. If you can’t do the payment this way, please contact us through email: suporte@eventqualia.net.

  • 4. How can I submit an abstract?

    To submit abstracts you should have your account in the website already created – see how to create an account.

    Note: Before submitting your abstract, read attentively the rules of submission.

    To submit your work:

    Login to your personal area in the website with your email and password.

    Select the tab ABSTRACTS.

    Choose the option “Submit new abstract” and fill all the fields.

  • 5. What are the rules of submission?

    The abstracts must be inserted by the authors in the congress’ website until September 4th of 2020.

    In the abstract submission it is mandatory to fill the following fields:

    1. Area/Thematic Session (Only one available area)
    2. Title
    3. Abstract
    4. Key-words
    5. If there is more than on author, please indicate the order of the same, name, institutional affiliation and email.
    6. The abstracts must not exceed 300 words.

    Communication proposals will be admitted in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, but there will be no simultaneous translation.

    Please see the rest of the details here.

  • 6. How does the revision process works?

    The evaluation of the abstracts will be sent to your email until the 20th of September of 2020. This information will be also available in your personal area in the website.

  • 7. How does the presentation of abstracts work??

    All the information about the presentation of abstracts can be seen here.

    Individual Communications

    Maximum time for each presentation of a communication: 10 minutes.

  • 8. Should I send the final paper?

    It is not necessary for the final paper to be sent to the presentation of the abstract in the congress.

  • 10. Canceling and refund policy

    The cancellation of the registration predicts the refunding of 50% of the amount paid until 1st of October. After this date there will be no refunds.

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