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Leisure, Games and Play: Learning and mediation intercultural

The 8th conference on Intercultural Mediation and Social Intervention, to be held online, on November 27 and 28, 2020, has as theme Leisure, Games and Play: Learning and mediation intercultural.

Leisure, games and play produce learning, creativity, reflexivity and are mediated not only by third parties, but also by the social circumstances of the life history of those involved. In these processes, there is communication, with oneself, through reflection with the self, and with the other with whom one plays. And communication is mediation, whether it is intra-mediation, in this self-understanding and self-definition in which reflection is central to the definition of self-identity, or intermediation with the other (s) with whom one plays, whether they are peers or young generations, adults, or seniors.

In today’s society, leisure, games and play assume complex and sometimes contradictory configurations, in the articulation of their different dimensions in space, in the daily life and in individual biographies (in young, adult and elderly ages).

The School of Education and Social Sciences of the Polytechnic of Leiria and CICS.NOVA.IPLeiria invite intercultural mediators; teachers; educators; researchers; social, education and sport scientists; social educators; social workers; animators and other social actors, to discuss the importance of Leisure, Games and Play as spaces and times for learning, socialization, sociability and interculturality.

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