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50 years of April 25th

Each MIIS Conference (Intercultural Mediation and Social Intervention), although with an ever-widening scope, has taken place under the sign of a unifying theme. In 2024, at the time of its 12th Conference, it was practically impossible not to take a look at the 50 years of April 25th, that clear and luminous date, simultaneously already distant and yet always so present.

The 25th of April, it is known, turned into a multidimensional phenomenon through which it is possible to spread a kaleidoscope of views, that is, of ever-renewed perspectives. April 25th, in some way, consisted of a military coup that, being the object of immediate popular appropriation, gave rise to a revolution. This, as such, incorporates typical features of any revolutionary phenomenon, but also unique features that have made it a case study of international scope.

If it is true that, according to experts from various social sciences, the period of strong social change that Portugal is currently undergoing began in the previous decade (1960), it is also certain that the 25th of April will have accelerated and altered many of the processes already then on the march and eventually induced new ones. Its effects are felt at the most varied levels: social, cultural, economic, political, among others.

The 12th MIIS Conference thus aims to constitute a space for reflection on some of the multiple effects that the April revolution inspired, knowing that Portugal is, according to many researchers, experiencing the period of greatest and fastest change in all its long history. As each of us is a witness and protagonist of this period, the challenge remains to think about the “50 years of April 25th: transitions and transformations”, in this cycle of conferences, starting on March 19, 2024, Father's Day and International Day of social services, and ending with the conference on December 5th and 6th, with panels and thematic round tables and free communications that you can now submit on this website.

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